1962 Plymouth Savoy 2-Door Sedan Super Stock 413

1962 Plymouth Savoy 2-Door Sedan Super Stock 413

#17 of the 23 registered survivors known. This Black Diamond is far and away the best example left. All codes and numbers are correct and original to the vehicle. This 413 Max Wedge is documented by Galen Govier with a personal visual inspection. Factory broadcast sheet and window sticker are included. The engine is the original 413CI/410HP with 11.0:1 compression ratio. The transmission is the original Borg-Warner T-85 3-speed manual. Gray cloth and vinyl base interior. The carbs are the original Carter AFB's #3447S, factory Ramcharger 3" exhaust system. This is the Max Wedge all others are judged from. Best of Show every time.

Numbers matching 413CI/410HP Max Wedge

11.0:1 compression ratio

Original Borg-Warner T-85 3-speed manual transmission

All original factory and owner docs from new

Original broadcast sheet

Galen Govier visual inspection

Price $180,000.00 OBO  - Contact us @  or  call 561-718-2933 image filename SAM_0157.jpg image filename SAM_0159.jpg image filename SAM_0147.jpg image filename SAM_0150.jpg image filename SAM_0177.jpg image filename SAM_0187.jpg image filename SAM_0167.jpg image filename SAM_0173.jpg image filename SAM_0193.jpg image filename SAM_0195.jpg image filename SAM_0192.jpg image filename SAM_0293.jpg