Frank Sanders 1963 Chevrolet Z-11

Frank Sanders 1963 Chevrolet Z-11

Chevy RPO Z-11 was a very limited production (50 units) of "Purpose Built" car solely for drag racing. It came equipped with more specialized racing components than any RPO/CPO in Chevy's history. The Z-11s were the fastest production drag car in 1963, winning the '63 N.H.R.A. Winternationals and the '63 N.H.R.A. Indy Nationals (AFX). In the highly competitive "DRAG NEWS" national match race circuit, there were only three cars that were #1 on the list in 1963. All three were Z-11s.

The FRANK SANDERS Z-11 is arguably the most successful stock drag car of 1963. It won the Winternationals, was the first stock car to exceed 120 mph in the quarter mile, and attained the #1 position on the "DRAG NEWS" Top Stock Eliminator List. It was one of the only two cars on the list for the entire year, winning an incredible 19 out of 20 races. Sanders' car was also the overall Nation Points Champion.

  • This car has all of its original sheet metal, and has undergone a concours quality, frame-off restoration. It has only been repainted once. There has never been any rust, as the car spent its entire life in Arizona and California before going into a controlled environment facility.
  • Also original are the engine and transmission, along with authentic S and S headers. All driveline components are correct as are the casting dates. It's the only Azure Aqua Z-11 built.
  • Retains its complete original interior (except carpet). Seats were covered with plastic by Rudolph Chevrolet before delivery to Sanders.
  • Considered to be the only Z-11 with its original motor and its original interior.
  • Featured in many automotive magazines, including two covers.

Z-11 cars have 20 pieces of lightweight aluminum (including fenders, hood, front and back bumpers, bumper brackets, splash pan, shroud, etc.) that reduced the curb weight to 3,405 lbs. They also came with a special engine, the 427 c.i. stroked 409, with special high port heads, 2 piece high rise aluminum intake manifold with two 4 barrel carbs, 13.5 to one forged pistons, forged crankshaft, and forged connecting rods. This motor was used only in the 50 Z-11 cars in 1963. A stock Z-11 motor will put out over 500 h.p. No wonder the better running Z-11s would turn in the high 11's at 120+ miler per hour. Other specialized equipment included a factory-installed cowl induction air cleaner, metallic brakes with vented braking plates, special heavy-duty posi-axles and spider gears, factory tachometer, no sound deadener, deleted radio, heater, and sway bar. There are currently 17 known complete Z-11 cars. This Z-11 is surely one of the most important cars in Chevrolet racing history!

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