1964 Ford Galaxie Lightweight

1964 Ford Galaxie Lightweight

Originally developed as a back-up plan in case NHRA didn't approve the Thunderbolt Super Stock program, the 1964 Lightweight became one of Ford's most successful drag cars.

Fifty of these cars were built - 25 with 4 speed transmissions, 25 were automatics. Both versions went on to dominate their classes. Performance was so superior that NHRA pacified the competition by creating a new, separate class for the Fords.

This Osburn Trucking car set the National Record in AA/S and competed successfully at the NHRA Nationals in Indianapolis.

Factory Specifications

  • Model - 63B 2dr. Galaxie 500 Fastback
  • Shipping weight - approximately 3,740 pounds.
  • Exterior color - white.
  • Interior trim - red vinyl.
  • 427 dual - quad high-riser engine.
  • Heavy-duty automatic transmission available.
  • Manual transmission version has ratios of 2.36, 1.66. 1.23 and 1.00 and includes RC aluminum bell-housing.
  • Rear axle has 4.71-to-1 ratio for automatic and 4.57-to-1 ratio for manual transmission vehicles, both with Detroit Locker differential.
  • Battery has been mounted in trunk.
  • Lightweight front bucket seats.
  • Lightweight floor mats.
  • Forced air induction system.
  • Grille modified to allow maximum air flow.
  • Fiberglass hood with bubble.
  • Heater and defroster omitted.
  • Sealer, deadener and sound package omitted.

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