1962 Ford Galaxie Lightweight

     The early 1960's saw an explosion of fan interest and racer participation in Super Stock drag racing. The corresponding development of these cars was no less amazing. Suddenly the Big 3 manufacturers were involved and Factory Built "Lightweights" entered the scene late in the '62 model year.

     Ford built eleven Lightweight Galaxies just in time for the NHRA Indy Nationals. These cars were provided to Ford's top race teams and became the prototype for the highly successful Lightweight Galaxies, T-Bolts, and Mustangs of the mid 60's.

     Today only the Alderman car and three other '62s remain, six were re-bodied into 63 1/2 models, including those of Gas Ronda, Les Ritchey, and Dick Brannan. 

This Alderman Ford has been featured in muscle car review and was the cover/feature car for Muscle Car Enthusiast (June,2006).